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New Toy videos for kids. In this preschool adventure video for kids, we've got dragons, ghosts and vikings! In this fun kids toy video Flint the Dragon is visited by a spooky friend and chases him around Treasure Falls with the help of his friend Skylar the Viking!

The Quest Kids is a new fantasy adventure video series for kids. Our quest with this channel is to create high quality fantasy toy videos for kids that kids love and parents appreciate (and hopefully also love).

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PLAYMOBIL Hidden Temple with T-Rex:
PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights' Castle:
PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House:
PLAYMOBIL Castle Ghost:
PLAYMOBIL 3 Hawk Knights:

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This is Episode 5 in the "Quest of the Magical Items" story. You can see all of the episodes here:

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The Quest Kids is an original children's fantasy adventure video series set in the fantastical world of Treasure Falls. The Quest Kids are a group of young heroes who go on adventures and teach young viewers creativity, problem solving, how to work with others, and how to have fun.

About the creators of the Quest Kids: The Quest Kids episodes are adventure videos for kids. The video series for children is created by Dads (who are also fantasy geeks). We want our children to watch high quality videos on YouTube, which is why our goal is to create high quality, creative, adventurous and educational videos that kids love and parents appreciate (and hopefully also love). We created The Quest Kids toys, we built the sets and now we hope you will join us as we quest through Treasure Falls and beyond.

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