Removing Stripped Screws & Problem Fasteners | Fasteners 101

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Sometimes, a screw drive will strip out, a rivet will spin out, or a bolt will just be plain stuck. Here Bob shares some of his favorite tips for dealing with messed up fasteners.

Together in one place, here is a compilation of clips from our videos on removing problem fasteners including stripped screws, loose rivets, pop blind rivets, security nuts, and, for when all else fails, how to use an extractor set.

Links to the full videos for each clip are listed below.

In order of appearance:

0:15 - Removing Stripped Screws with a Rubber Band:

1:05 - How to Remove Breakaway Shear Security Nuts:

2:10 - How to Remove POP Rivets:

2:36 / 3:20 - Remove a Spinning or Loose POP Rivet With Painter's Tape / Duct Tape:

4:10 - Removing Screws with a Bolt Extractor Set:

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