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Do you know anyone looking for a 5 pc set of pliers for their home, service vehicle, garage, or shop? Warranted for as long as you own them. H. H. Bukke Pliers Set.
Check them out here:

Hello. Dave Christensen here.

I was looking over the reviews for out 5 pc pliers set - to see what I could learn about how well they are being received. These tools for men (and tool sets for women) are popular and I want to keep up on how well they are being received.

I'd like to mention something that I hope will help you out -if you ever buy things on Amazon's platform.

What I noticed as I scan down through the reviews is the usual -most people are satisfied -those are special -because only a small percentage of satisfied customers take the time to issue a review. I appreciate the ones who do.

There is always a small smattering of those who are not satisfied for one reason or another. I appreciate those too -because if there is something to be learned about my products that I need to know -this is where I will find it.

Like a quality issue. We had one of those in 2015 that needed attention -that took months, considerable effort and resources to correct. It was in the review section that we identified what first didn't look like much and then began to look like a trend.

What I often find across all products and brands is people complaining in the product review section that something arrived broken -or, missing or, it broke soon after or, didn't work as was expected.

We get those -not many, as a percentage and they each need to be addressed. Unfortunately, though, when someone leaves a complaint like that in a review, it doesn't help them -or, me, as I cannot communicate with them through that forum.

The reviews are anonymous.

I always reply with an apology and point out that the best way (the only way, actually) to get a remedy is to contact the seller (me) so I can do something to make it right. I always point out that if I am contacted, they will walk away satisfied.

So, my point today for you is, if you buy something and are not satisfied from me or any Amazon Seller, the way to get a remedy is to contact the seller.

One person changed a 1-star review she wrote because one of her pliers broke -to a 5-star because she was so tickled that I sent her a new pair.

Incidentally, we don't see many defects. I always wonder how pliers break. Was it defective or was it mis-used or abused? I don't know and it doesn't matter. One or two broken pliers out of a few thousand isn't a trend. Things happen.

Getting back to the pliers -
We believe you should only have to buy a tool set once. We warrant the pliers set to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own them.

That's how confident we are that you'll get good service out of the set for a long time; in all likelihood, they will be lost before they wear out -or, you will lend them and forget to whom; That's the way it goes with hand tools.

Check them out here:

That's all I have for today. Thanks for watching and listening.

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