How to Use a Ramset T3 to Fasten Continuous Insulation (Ramset

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Installing continuous insulation is a time-consuming task — unless you have a Ramset fastening system at your disposal. The Ramset T3 can help your team install panels up to 4x faster than stick-pin solutions.

Ken Allison demonstrates why this is no ordinary gun. If you’re looking to improve efficiency at your insulation contracting business, this tool’s single-step process takes seconds rather than minutes to complete.

The Ramset T3 is gas-actuated, which provides several benefits over powder-actuated guns:

No license necessary to use
Reduced recoil
Less torque on wrists and elbows
Faster operation

The T3 gun is only part of the equation — it is part of the Ramset I-F Continuous Insulation Fastening System, which also includes specialized fasteners. Pins go completely through Ramset fasteners, guided by a sturdy shaft that leaves behind air-sealed cavities. Because the pins aren’t exposed to the outside of the panel, there is no heat transfer.

While the Ramset fastening system is sure to make your job easier, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this tool. The product has locking mechanism that requires the user to twist the shaft before using the gun. This secures the shaft, ensuring that it won’t fall out while installing continuous insulation.

Another component that tends to confuse contractors is the T3’s battery charger. While it might seem intuitive to put batteries into a charger with their front sides facing forward, this particular charger requires the opposite. Unless you place the batteries with their labels facing inwards, they will not charge.

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